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Our Programs

We strive to AFFECT change in our clients, through Programs and Tools that will not only EFFECT them, but our communities, states, and nation, one family at a time.

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Kyros Housing​


Our Kyros Housing Program will serve individuals and families who are the working poor, on the verge of homelessness, homeless, victims of domestic violence, aged-out foster kids and our veterans. Our program is a 12 month program that starts out free and ends up with a wealth of knowledge and savings.


We are different from other programs because we don't have psuedo walls of inability to serve others regardless of what ward or state you live in within the DMV and Rocky Mount, NC. We also service individuals and families with dependents over 18 years of age, as long as there is a proven need and the dependent still attends school at the college or trade level.



Our educational programs will consist of a Day Care, Public Charter STEM & the Arts K-12 Schools, and Continuing Education Training Courses. We will also offer Business Coaching, Financial Literacy Programs, Barber/Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, and Truck Driving, English As A Second Language, and Build Your Own Business (B.Y.O.B) 3 or 9 month Program. We currently offer our classes through Community Centers, Online, Organizations, and by request.


We believe that every individual has an innate gift and ability. We believe if you find that ability and passion you can create generational wealth with the right team and resources.  Every vision has to be nurtured and birthed out at the appointed time.  We provide an atmosphere for this to take place.



Self Empowerment is KEY to SOCIO-ECONOMIC Rehabilitation. Until an individual deals with the mindset, "as a man thinks, so is he', he/she can not change him/herself, but the whole family unit will change if they do. With this truth, we have created systems and programs such as Women of Maturity & Beauty, (WOMB), Teen Esteem, and Men of Distinction & Excellence, (MODE) to serve as incubators to rebuild, re-inform, and re-engage WHOLE productive individuals back into our communities.


We can not bring economic development, healing, and resurgence back to our communities if we don't start with the family first.



Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal; the act or process of advocating something. Here at Nikao Outreach we advocate for our clients and underserved communities through membership of national organizations who are liked minded and in direct collaboration with our vision and mission.


We strive to bring legislation, policy, and voice to those who wouldn't or couldn't be heard otherwise. We go to bat with our clients to make sure they receive any and all services needed and are qualified to receive.


Financial Literacy


Our Financial Literacy programs are geared to empower our participants with basic skills of handling money and its purpose, investing, budgeting, debt management, and generational wealth. 


According to Nielson African Americans have over 1.6 Trillion dollars in consumable income. It is our desire to move our clients from not only being consumers, but becoming wealthy; and that starts with education and basic money management skills like savings, checks and balances, and the power of credit.

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